It’s A Brave New Market

Today’s market is vastly different than it was even two years ago. Online marketing, social media and web-based technologies have greatly impacted the way properties are bought and sold. As someone on the cutting edge of both real-estate and social media marketing in 2010, I can help you successfully navigate this new real-estate marketing terrain.

You simply cannot afford to ignore the power of the Internet as a tool for your success. With more than 80% of buyers surfing the net independently, before even seeking out a real-estate professional, it’s imperative that your property is at the top of their radar.

With my years of real-estate experience and web-based expertise, I will help you get every penny you deserve for your investment. I will take a personalized and holistic approach to selling your property. This involves exploring ever facet of your investment—including some questions you would never even think to ask.

For example:

  • How does the season affect my saleability?
  • What is the market inventory and how will this work for or against me?
  • Does having a swimming pool dictate the best time of year to sell?
  • What impact will social media have on my success?
  • What kind of photos should I take of my property?

Some of these questions may surprise you. But there is no consideration too small when trying to successfully market your property.

As your real estate agent and advocate, here’s an overview of the Marketing Plan I will provide for you:

  • A sign may be placed on the property;
  • Your listing goes on the Toronto Real Estate Board database, for all agents in Toronto;
  • I take strategic photos of your home that showcase its best advantages;
  • A colour “feature sheet” of photos is given to all those who attend a showing of your property;
  • The images of your home also appear on my Web site and;
  • Ad space is utilized in your publication of choice;
  • Open Houses are held for the agents during the week and for the public on the
    weekend or whenever you wish.
  • You periodically receive a computerized record of showings with
    agent comments and buyer feedback.

Keep in mind that the above Marketing Plan is just a general skeleton. Each property and client is unique and I will customize my approach to meet your specific needs. I will do everything I can to get you what you deserve for your investment.